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Waste4books is an NGO that encourage schools and institutions nationwide wide to recycle their recyclable materials. We offer member schools with receptacle to separate and keep their waste of which we pick up and send to the recycling plants to be recycled into writing materials which are in turn returned back to the school as rewards.

Ideal for classrooms
To give kids a better understanding of the school recycling program and how they can effectively participate, you need to get them to understand what they are tossing out and where it belongs.
As a class, conduct a waste audit at the end of the day for three days in a row. With gloves and clear bags, ask students to identify what they are tossing, where they are tossing, and where certain items should be tossed. Have a group discussion about their learnings, what they are doing well, areas of improvement, and have them brainstorm ways to.. Read More
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Our mission is to nurture environmental leaders, reduce the ecological impact of schools, 
and build environmentally responsible school communities.
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William Cole

Chief Executive Officer
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Human Resource Manager
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